Learn to speak well at ST masterclass

Learn to speak well at ST masterclass

Students can learn to speak better English and communicate effectively at an upcoming masterclass organised by The Straits Times.

Mr David Tay, 35, a schools correspondent and teaching specialist with The Straits Times Schools team, will lead a team of three trainers to conduct the Oral Communication Exam Series of The ST English Masterclass on March 12 and 13.

The two other trainers are Ms Adeline Ng, 41, and Ms Elaine Chong, 32, both contributors for ST IN and NewsEd.

The masterclass is aimed at students studying O-level English, but Mr Tay said effective communication is a life skill which students will find relevant in the future.

Masterclass participants will learn speaking techniques they can apply immediately, as well as methods for continuous improvement.

Mr Tay will guide participants on using online tools and the international phonetic alphabet to pronounce words accurately. He will also share insights and pointers on how participants can improve their oral communication by keeping up with current affairs.

To sign up, go to  https://www.stskills.sg/

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