About Us


A new education venture by The Straits Times, ST Skills has two main objectives - to help professionals do better at their work and to help students acquire the love for  reading and writing by being in touch with important things that happen around them.  Our panel of coaches who comprise veteran journalists and seasoned teachers impart their knowledge through interactive and fun workshops that focus on practical skills and tips that can be put to good use immediately.  

For instance, our signature and most sought-after programme, The Straits Times English Masterclass (The Executive Edition), is designed for professionals who want to improve their work performance and others who want better English language skills. The seven-hour masterclass aims to help adults write simply and effectively by addressing many common mistakes. Participants are given tips on how to avoid common spelling and grammatical errors. They are also shown how to compose e-mails that will get their message across clearly as well as other language "survival skills".

 "Over the years, we have received many requests to run English-language programmes from various partners, to play on our strength as an English language newsroom. People want help to write more clearly or creatively. We don't claim to be experts, but our reporters do strive to tell stories in compelling and coherent ways. In so far as we are able to share those skills, we are happy to do so."

-  Mr Warren Fernandez
Editor-in-Chief, English/Malay/Tamil Media Group
Editor, The Straits Times  
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