Improve your English at ST masterclasses

Improve your English at ST masterclasses


Professionals can learn how to write better at work; students can pick up essay writing tips

In business, a well-written e-mail could mean the difference between landing a deal and leaving empty-handed. To write well, executives and managers must first learn how to write simply, and effectively.

"Why use four or five words when one word will do? Why make people guess what you mean because your writing is not clear? Communication is a life skill and the better we are at it, the easier life is," said Straits Times journalist Angelina Choy, who will be conducting the Executive Edition of The Straits Times English Masterclass on Dec 7.

The Executive Edition masterclass is aimed at professionals, managers and executives who want to improve their English language skills for professional communication.

It is suitable for those who need to write in the course of their work, from e-mails to presentations.

Ms Choy has more than 30 years' experience in sub-editing, writing, visual journalism and training. She will guide participants on topics such as writing shorter sentences, avoiding common grammar and spelling mistakes, and crafting better e-mails for work.

Learn the difference between "it's" and "its", and why you should not use phrases such as "close proximity" and "small minority".

"Concise writing that effectively gets your message across shows your boss, clients, colleagues and people you deal with that you have a clear mind and that you are considerate of their time," said Ms Choy.

The Executive Edition masterclass will also include a segment by SPH Information Resource Centre librarian Lim Yeong Yeong on advanced techniques for searching for information online. Ms Lim has over 30 years' experience in research and training journalists on using resources for news reporting.

She will show participants how to better use Google to search for relevant information, and talk about local and global resources available for business research.


Students can learn techniques for better essay writing at the ST English Masterclass Secondary School Edition, organised in collaboration with The Write Corner. The Write Corner specialises in English and writing classes for kindergarten, primary and secondary students.

There will be two masterclasses conducted by Ms Louise Tay on Dec 2. Ms Tay, who teaches at The Write Corner, has a bachelor's degree in English linguistics. She will cover topics such as using ST news reports to substantiate arguments in essays, and exam essay writing techniques. Each student masterclass will include a tour of the newsroom.

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